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Wedding Photography Corn Exchange Edinburgh

Choosing a great professional wedding photographer for your big day is essential. While amateurs can capture the odd candid moment here and there, the job of the professional is to create a story, something that you can cherish for years to come.

Having worked on many events at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh, I’d also say that the location for your wedding is also pretty important. This is your big day and you want everything to fit perfectly.

What’s So Great About the Corn Exchange Edinburgh?

The Edinburgh Corn Exchange is marketed as one of the most flexible venues in the city. That’s no mean feat when you realise the brilliant locations to be found all around Edinburgh. It’s a popular choice for weddings because of the relatively central location and the fact that the staff are used to running pretty large events like this.

It has expansive dance floors and dining areas and your venue can be tailored to meet your needs. It was built in 1909 and is a Grade B listed building. The Corn Exchange was renovated as a venue in 1999 and has grown in recent years with the addition of the Corn Exchange village which hosts five a side football, ten pin bowling and other activities. It’s certainly a lively place with plenty going on.

Why the Corn Exchange is Perfect for Wedding Photography

From a professional photographer’s point of view, the venue is more than just a place for people to gather and celebrate a wedding. The backdrop to your wedding photos is almost as important as the people in them. That’s why the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, from my point of view, always ticks the most important boxes.

The fact that it’s a popular choice for local couples looking to get married means I’ve spent more time at the Corn Exchange than many other wedding venues around the city.It has a great mixture of new and old, large spaces and small.

The Corn Exchange also gives you access to the rest of Edinburgh. If you are looking to create memorable posed images that can sum up your day, you’re not restricted to the venue itself. Often couples will have a special place where they want images taking and it’s relatively easy to set up a photoshoot for these.

Choosing your Corn Exchange Edinburgh Wedding Photographer

When you are picking any professional wedding photographer for your big day, it’s really important to choose someone who knows the location well. That experience can save a lot of time and ensure you get memorable images that really tell the story of your wedding.

I’ve provided professional photography services for weddings at the Corn Exchange Edinburgh on many occasions so know it well. Normally, the photography for your special day is a mix of posed and candid or journalistic style.

What you get at the end of the day is a series of images that bring your wedding day to life, photos you can browse in years to come and which should bring all those wonderful memories flooding back.

The Edinburgh Corn Exchange is big enough for the professional photographer to walk around and capture those memorable candid images of the wedding day without getting in the way.

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