Questions to ask wedding photographer in first contact

Primary questions are the ones you need to ask yourself?

How important are the wedding photos to you? What are your expectations towards photography in general? Do you get hyped browsing through all these websites? Maybe you’ve seen that amazing gallery from your friend’s wedding and you like that certain look. Or maybe you don’t really care that much. Maybe you just want nice, properly exposed images cause you don’t see that much difference between photographers portfolios.

How do you actually intend to use the photos? Are they only going to live on your laptop or USB drive and be viewed over on the TV? Or maybe an album is a must have for you. Is it the the specific look that this photographer produces in his work makes your heart tick? Or maybe the budget is priority?

Whatever the answers are make a list with the most important factors at the top of it. Those are only my own suggestions on what questions to ask wedding photographer. By including those in your first enquiry you be able to tell straight away if this photographer is worth considering.

questions to ask wedding photographer

What Questions To Ask Wedding Photographer in First Message ?

It would be perfect if you could check the content of the photographers’ websites property before your first email. Lots of things you are about to ask might be found there. You will be saving both your’s and photographers time. But it is not always possible to go in detail through every single website. That’s where the questions to ask wedding photographer comes in handy. You can include those in your template email. Your decisions might be easier based on the content of the replies you’ll getting.

1. Ask the photographer’s availability on the specific date.

Seems obvious but you’ll be surprised how many brides forget about this important detail. If you decide not to include the date in your first inquiry most likely the response will when and where. Please put some more than just “We’re getting married in June at the Lake District. We looking for a photographer to cover full day. Are you available on that day and what would be the cost?” Try to be a little bit more specific. June of what year? Many of us takes bookings up to a couple of years in advance.

2. Include venue you booked for your big day.

Where exactly? Lake District is relatively large area. Travel expenses are often included in the package. But not necessary. If you planing a destination wedding it’s often most essential factors of all. Often it’s a mandatory field if a contact form is used on the website. Also it might be crucial to you having a photographer who has worked in your venue before. 

3. Request info on what packages are available.

How long the photographer is going to be at your wedding can be essential in your decision making process. Make sure you know what sort of time scale is available. All photographers have their own workflow modules. Some of us cover only entire day events and work only certain amount of weddings each year. Others can accommodate smaller time frames to reach even the smallest ceremonies.

Full day photography is interpreted in variety of weird and wonderful ways. In one case its measured from bridal preparations till the first dance. Others have no limitations on that matter. You could have both parties preparations photographed. And you don’t necessary require a team of people to do it. It is purely depending on the individual skills and experience. Good photographer will know where to be and when to get the most from the day.

4. Inquire on what are the packages include .

What kind of editing is applied to your final images ? How many of them will be available to you in final release ? Is there an online gallery for viewing and sharing images with your closed ones ? Is the gallery password protected ? Does the printing copyrights included for your images ?

The quantity of images that you should expect is going to be dependent on your photographer’s work-flow. There is no magic number of delivered photos that makes somebody pro. In my opinion there is a bare minimum that has to be meet no matter what. In my book its 45 images per every hour of coverage. If you receiving more – phenomenal.

Online gallery tends to be a very popular option these days. Delivery method is USB drive alternatively digital download or both. If your photographer have a physical location for his business he might invite you view those images in person. Printing copyrights should be included when you booking digital package only.

5. Album and prints.

If an album or a set of prints is a must have for you it is certainly a question that needs to be included. Even if you thinking of digital package only you might have a change of hart later on. Majority of photographers will have some form of printed products in their offer. But not necessary.  Sometimes their part of certain collection or package. Often these are available as add on that you will be required to pay extra.

Before you order one make sure you actually see a physical sample of that album to avoid disappointment. Album decision can be mate later on in the process but it’s good to know that there is an option to get one.

6. The cost.

This one is pretty much self explanatory from all the questions to ask wedding photographer. No matter if your budget is key factor or not necessary. You want to know how much is it going to cost. 

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