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During our first encounter Frankie and Andy told me they will be moving to South Queensferry. In the first instance they meant to tie the knot in the local Howes Inn. But they changed their venue to Orroco Pier . I was hyped as Orocco Pier is one of my absolute favorite venues in the lovely town of Queensferry.

Orocco events hall has floor to ceiling windows with private decking that leads directly onto the beach. With the right weather open air ceremonies are often held on that deck. Main hall can hold a maximum of 120 seated and a 150 standing reception. Overlooking the majestic views over the Firth Of Forth and the famous three bridges.

Rainy Day Wedding

I met Frankie and Andy at the Newheaven’s coffee shop in South Edinburgh. Weather wise it was a pretty miserable November afternoon – cold and rainy. They struck me as a truly courageous couple. In a way that even in case of bad weather on their day they would still go for a bridal shoot with me. They are enthusiast photographers themselves. I knew they would make every effort to have some good snaps from the day. I wasn’t wrong.

It was a rainy Saturday. The sky opened the day before the event and it made little intervals of showers and heavy rain constantly over the weekend. Ceremony took place in a nearby Priory Church. Grade A listed building that is dated to 1440. It is astonishing how unique atmosphere service it was. After all, the monastery is nearly six centuries old. Despite the weather being against us we manage to get some really beautiful images.


Orocco Pier Wedding Photography

As a result of the rain we had to take a couple of attempts to complete the bridal shoot. As I mentioned in the beginning Frankie & Andy were very eager to have some nice shoots together from their big day. No weather conditions were standing in their way.

First we took a little wander around the town high street. Jubilee Clock Tower as a backdrop was an obvious first choice. It also happens to be located right across the street from Orocco. We lasted about 15 minutes before the sky opened up again and we had to evacuate back into the venue.

On our second endeavour I noticed that the tide is coming towards its lower point. As an effect of which we can have a little more room on the beach. We headed down there directly through the deck and took a few candid shoots.

Firth of Forth and The Three Bridges

South Queensferry is an iconic village with the symbolic Three Bridges. It is a lovely little town beautifully situated at the shores of Firth of Forth. Plenty of little cafes and restaurants spread across the high street makes it a perfect spot for couples. UNESCO World Heritage Forth Rail Bridge.

It is an amazing piece of engineering and endless background of my images every time I have a chance to work here. Rail bridge was put into service in 1890 and it is still in use till today. Other two are road bridges and were both opened by Her Majesty The Queen 53 years apart from each other.

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If you are looking to have your wedding held in Orocco Pier or any other South Queensferry venue do not hesitate to get in touch.

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