A Natural Wedding Photographer in Perthshire

My work as a natural wedding photographer in Perthshire takes me to some stunning locations and landscapes. One of my favourite wedding venues was the Hermitage, with its iconic Ossian’s Hall. This unique, whimsical folly is nestled in the heart of a beautifully designed woodland, full of colours and textures throughout the year.

I was photographer here for Kellie and Garry’s wedding. Their intimate ceremony was a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with nothing but birdsong and the rushing of the river as a backdrop.

The couple’s daughter was able to be part of her parents’ wedding day, something she will treasure for the rest of her life. And what a setting to celebrate it in! The Hermitage was designed to impress and its Douglas firs are some of the tallest trees in Britain, bringing a sense of awe and reverence to the occasion.

Ossian’s Hall

Ossian’s Hall is perched on the edge of a narrow gorge, above the thundering Black Linn Falls. Commissioned in 1757, the Hermitage – as the original building was called – was a secluded summer house designed as a sanctuary from the world.

The current building, Ossian’s Hall, replaced the summerhouse in 1782–3 and featured an enormous painting of Ossian in the entrance to the inner room. After many years of neglect, the National Trust took over the property in 1951 to salvage and restore the building to its full potential.

As you step into the inner room of Ossian’s Hall, the sound of the river is amplified by the building’s acoustics. The inner room itself provides a striking environment for the ceremony, with bold colours and patterns. Sliding doors, mirrors and artwork make the interior of the folly as quirky as the exterior.

Designed to celebrate the beauty of its surroundings, the back of the room is glass from floor to ceiling and looks straight out onto the waterfall below.

So Kellie and Garry could say their vows right in front of the river, a magical and one of a kind experience. I love the photos of the couple on the balcony, shot from across the river. They reflect the uniqueness and privacy of this charming wedding venue, bordered by the leafy forest canopy.

A wedding in the woods

The setting lends itself to a truly intimate and special day and Kellie and Garry had just that. Their closest friends and family joined them to witness this personal, life-defining moment for them as a couple. Following the ceremony I photographed the couple and their bridal party around the enchanting surroundings of the forest.

The blues and purples of the groom’s tartan and bride’s bouquet were striking against the greens of the trees. Kellie and Garry’s daughter wore a white dress to match her mother’s, along with a purple sash and bouquet to compliment her father’s outfit.

The Hermitage is more than just a natural area of woodland. Designed for the Dukes of Atholl, the area was an extension to their vast gardens and had carefully chosen trees and plant life. From the sparkling white in winter to the rich golds and reds of autumn, or the pale greens of spring, this is a fantastic location all year round for a wedding photographer.

The astutely placed walkways are intended to create a dramatic effect as visitors explore the woodland. Historic stone bridges, rustic stairways and the banks of the river create a varied, eye-catching setting for wedding photos, allowing me to capture the different dynamics between the wedding guests as they walked around. The sense of joy and affection is evident throughout.

Natural wedding photography

Natural wedding photography is my preferred working style. I believe the story of a wedding day is best told by the couple and their surroundings. So I try to avoid dictating or organising the couple and instead blend into the background to record the events as they unfold.

By taking a step back I am able to witness the real emotions and candid moments that take place, to reflect the personality of the couple and their loved ones. My photography is true to the surroundings and setting where I work.

So Perthshire is a perfect location for natural wedding photography, with striking landscapes and rich environments that create the perfect backdrop to the day.

If you are getting married in Perthshire and are looking for a wedding photographer, get in touch to discuss how I can help record your perfect day.

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