Wedding at the Intercontinental Edinburgh The George Hotel

The Intercontinental Edinburgh The George is one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful and historic wedding venues, stretching back almost 150 years. The hotel has been operating since 1881 and comprises, at its heart, five stunning Georgian townhouses. It is a breath-taking venue to behold as it was originally built to accommodate some of Edinburgh’s most wealthy denizens. The main wedding suite, used for the ceremony itself, is spectacularly transformed throughout the day, first into a large breakfast area, and then an inviting dancefloor for the evening celebrations.

 Historic Edinburgh, a Wedding Photographer’s Dream

On this day, the Intercontinental was hosting Fife couple Haley and Adam, for a day that I won’t soon forget myself; I was proud to be there at the Intercontinental Edinburgh The George as their wedding photographer. In the morning, Haley made use of one of the townhouses’ top-floor hotel suites to prepare for the day. This is a wonderfully spacious and well-lit suite that allowed me to capture some candid shots of her and the bridesmaids preparing with ease – allowing me into that space on the most important day of her life is a very intimate gesture and it is one which I feel a great privilege in being given.

The Magic Starts in The Build-Up

When moving around in the getting ready room in the morning, capturing the moments of preparation, I find it so easy to become enraptured by the energy that seems permeate the space: the sense of anticipation, of excitement, and of gravitas really draws one in.

Are You Looking for an Edinburgh Wedding Photographer?

It was an absolute joy to be part of Haley and Adam’s special day here and to be able to help them capture the memories of their union to look back upon. The townhouses are built to allow as much natural light as possible to flood into the grand halls and reception rooms, which illuminates the guests beautifully as they enter and find their places.

I was enormously grateful for how helpful the staff were at the Intercontinental Edinburgh The George as the wedding photographer, they were invaluable at facilitating the various logistical tasks that constitute the process of making sure everyone is where they needed to be at all times.

Anything Can Happen on The Day Itself

The key to Edinburgh wedding photography is sometimes improvisation; all the planning in the world can not account for some bad luck when it comes to the weather.

We had originally planned for the bridal photoshoot to take place in the stunning Queen Street Gardens, which is made available specifically for wedding couples and is located just a quick walk way from the venue. On top of this, I would have loved to get some shots of Haley along George Street with the iconic sir Walter Scott monument in the background.

Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas on the day. This is why, when selecting your own wedding venue, it really pays to find somewhere as versatile as The Intercontinental Edinburgh The George; as a seasoned wedding photographer, it was a dream to work with.

The gloom and the rain successfully dissuaded us from journeying to the Queen Street Gardens, however, I was not at all dissatisfied with having to work only in the confines of the Intercontinental. Once the rain eased off, we decided to shoot some portraits and some formals on the top-floor balcony that is attached to the getting ready suite, and the results were just gorgeous.

On top of that, the main wedding suite itself proved to be the perfect place for the larger, group shots. I’ve shot a huge variation of locations as an Edinburgh wedding photographer, but I was still warmly surprised by the versatility of the Intercontinental Edinburgh The George, when it came to

getting the final group pictures we needed throughout other areas of the hotel and bar. Overall, it was a pleasure to be part of this splendid occasion; being a wedding photographer is the privilege of bringing a couple’s story to life, and I would be honoured to do the same for any potential client.

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