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It’s not just their big wedding day that many couples want to celebrate nowadays. Engagement parties and celebrations are increasingly popular.  If you are planning to get engaged, you might like to consider commemorating the occasion with professional photographs taken in a location like Holyrood Park.

Why Have Your Engagement Professionally Photographed?

Smartphones have revolutionised our relationship with still images and video. We carry these devices around with us all the time and it’s pretty simple to get out the camera and snap a quick image. In fact, we’re talking roughly 14 trillion images every year. That’s astounding and brilliant at the same time. So what’s the difference between a professional photograph and one snapped on a camera phone or bridge camera.

The point is this: Yes, anyone can take a photo. But not everyone can create a memorable image that touches all the right emotional buttons and can be enjoyed for many years to come.  If you are planning to become engaged and want to record the event with memorable photographs, it pays to hire a professional photographer.

Organising Holyrood Park Engagement Session

As a professional wedding photographer, I often get to know couples because they want to record this particular event in their lives first.  Holyrood is the ideal location for an engagement session because it’s close to the city centre of Edinburgh and is easy to get to. You might, for example, want images at sunset or earlier in the day but not want a long journey. 

There are plenty of locations overlooking the city and iconic backgrounds such as Arthur’s Seat, the Salisbury Crags, St Margaret’s Loch . The choice is yours! The good news is that everything is within walking distance here and it’s pretty easy to choose a number of different locations for your engagement session in Holyrood Park. 

There are plenty of other locations around the city if you want to organise an alternative engagement session. It’s all about what means something to you and the kind of images you want to use to tell the story of your journey as you begin your married life together.

Finding the Right Professional Photographer

Holyrood Park engagement session  as a location  is a simple and effective way to mark this very special occasion. The difference between amateur snapshots and professional photography is the quality and posing of the images that are created. And the difference is huge.

Understanding light, picking the right location, creating memorable images that have an enduring quality which will give you pleasure for many years to come, are all the responsibility of the professional photographer. Theirs is not a simple shoot and hope process. They understand their medium, they have the appropriate equipment and are focused on composition and creating works of art.

As a professional wedding photographer that has worked in Edinburgh for the last decade or so, I’ve helped create some truly memorable images for couples getting married.One of the more wonderful changes in the last few years, however, has been the growing popularity of engagement sessions. Couples want to celebrate the moment when they commit to each other and they really want a memento of the occasion that they can look back on with fondness.

As a professional engagement session photographer, Holyrood Park is the perfect backdrop, one that provides ample opportunity to highlight the romance of the moment.
If you are planning a Holyrood Park engagement session, contact me today to find out how I can record this important moment with creative and stunning photographs.

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