Glencorse Old Kirk Wedding Photography

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Reasons to Choose Glencorse Old Kirk

If you are thinking of using the historic Glencorse Old Kirk for your wedding, you’re in good company. This beautiful location has everything that you could wish for – stunning countryside, magnificent architecture and a friendly team that works hard to make sure your big day is memorable. Of course, if you’ve decided on Glencorse Old Kirk, one part of your wedding you’ll want to get right is the photography.

Incorporating all these magnificent locations into still images and using them to tell the story of your day is an important part of the professional photographer’s job. Glencorse Old Kirk sits in the grounds of Glencorse House, a privately owned residence just a few miles from the centre of Edinburgh. The Old Kirk spent a lot of time in ruins but was more recently lovingly restored and it’s now one of the most iconic churches that you could ever wish to have your wedding in.

The grounds of Glencorse House really do deliver plenty of options, especially when it comes to choosing your wedding photography. You have the chance to hold your reception in their purpose-built marquee which seats 150 people but you can also take advantage of areas like the stunning drawing room and staircase when you are taking your photos as well as the surrounding countryside.

While you can’t stay at Glencorse House itself, there’s plenty of accommodation for your wedding guests in the nearby village of Penicuik, another idyllic place that is great for photography. The catering for wedding receptions is award-winning and that includes a fully stocked bar to keep your guests happy. There’s no better place to hold your wedding than Glencorse Old Kirk and the surrounding grounds and it gives ample opportunity for some brilliant wedding photography that will do your big day the justice it deserves.

Your Glencorse Old Kirk Wedding Photography

Of course, with such a big event, picking the right wedding photographer is going to be vital. You ideally need someone who is used to working at this amazing location and knows how to create the perfect story of your day. Wedding photography nowadays usually consists of the standard, posed photos that most people expect such as the bride and groom together and the traditional family grouping. Then there’s the candid style images, those unguarded moments that tell such a vivid story and immediately bring back memories of joy and happiness.

Your wedding photographer not only needs to know where to focus their lens, they must have a deep understanding of the location – what makes a great backdrop, how spectacular images can be created and the best locations to choose. A lot of this is down to artistic and technical talent but it’s also about experience and knowledge. As a professional wedding photographer with a decade in the business, Glencorse Old Kirk is one of my favourite locations.

It has everything for the perfect wedding day and presents plenty of opportunities for taking stunning images that you’ll be able to look back on and enjoy for many years to come.
If you have arranged Glencorse Old Kirk for your wedding, it makes sense to choose a professional wedding photographer who knows their way around the location.

If you are planning a wedding at the Pentlands area I’d be happy to help you pick out some great options for wedding photography around that spot. It is always a pleasure to document a couple’s special day in areas surrounding our charming capital, where no two weddings are ever alike.

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