Edinburgh Zoo wedding Photography

Mansion House Edinburgh Zoo Wedding

I have always enjoyed the privilege of being able to document a couple’s coming together in the beautiful, historic city of Edinburgh. This enjoyment is further compounded when the couple in question have chosen Edinburgh as the location for the destination wedding.

Seeing two people choose to visit some of the wonderful locations throughout the city and them allowing me to immortalise their happiest moments in film is a genuine pleasure. Francis and Natalie had travelled all the way from Greater Manchester, England for their special day and they had identified a number of locations across the city in which to celebrate their union.

Destination Wedding

The bride’s morning preparations took place at the gorgeous and accommodating Edinburgh Holiday Inn Zoo hotel. The gorgeous and spacious rooms at the hotel, next to the famous Edinburgh Zoo, allowed me to get some wonderful pictures of the bride and her entourage as the prepared for their day ahead.

There is a certain excitement that comes with a destination wedding, that as a photographer, I can sense as a palpable energy in the room. The exotic locations help to add a sense of mystique and wonder to the couple’s already special day.

Edinburgh Holiday Inn Zoo Hotel

The weather on the day was typical of a September day in Edinburgh; that is to say, light rain with clouds overhead. However, the sun, mercifully, did break through the clouds at a number of points as the journey was made from the Edinburgh Holiday Inn Zoo Hotel to St Mary’s Cathedral, where the ceremony was to take place. I was able to take some shots of the bridal party arriving with the backdrop of the stunning cathedral.

Originally built in 1814, the building is an incredibly beautiful monument and provided the perfect background for some portraits of the bride and the other guests that had gradually began to arrive. The architecture is a photographer’s dream and it was clear that the guests, most of whom were also visitors to Edinburgh, were suitably impressed.

St Mary’s Cathedral

There are few better interiors to be situated within then St Mary’s, right in the heart of central Edinburgh. If you are considering a destination wedding, it is certainly a photographer’s dream in terms of setting. The shots of the couple making their way down the aisle and saying their vows to one another came out beautifully.

After the ceremony, I took some more portrait shots of the newlyweds on their way out of the cathedral, as the headed off towards Mansion House at Edinburgh Zoo. Mansion House is a fantastic venue that is specifically designed for hosting wedding ceremonies; so, the wedding breakfast was phenomenal, presented by wonderfully professional and helpful staff.

Pentland Hills

The food was served in their MacMillan room, which looks out onto a brilliant vista of the Pentland Hills; Edinburgh’s regional park and an area of outstanding natural beauty.

With the Hills as the backdrop I was able to capture some more shots of the guests taking their places, as well as some shots of the various speeches taking place. Mansion House at Edinburgh Zoo is a wedding photographer’s dream in many ways.

The venue has a number of spots that are perfect for portraits as well as group shots. I was able to get everything I needed to commemorate Natalie and Francis’ day together, surrounded by the dearest friends and family in a beautiful location.

Destination weddings can be nerve-wracking, as they potentially add another unknown factor into the equation. However, when properly planned an executed, bringing your wedding to Edinburgh is an absolutely fantastic idea. Natalie and Francis got to see and experience some of the best sights the city has to offer, including the exhilarating Edinburgh Zoo and its surrounding scenery.

As a Edinburgh wedding photographer, I could not recommend it highly enough for any couple looking for their own destination wedding.

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