Calton Hill Secret Proposal

How to choose perfect place to pop the question?

Where and how to propose to your beloved ? Some folks go to Paris, others choose Venice. And that is absolutely fine. Little bit cliche but still ok. Edinburgh on the other hand isn’t exactly on the map of top cities to propose in Europe. Well at least not according to my recent web search. Calton Hill Secret Proposal in Edinburgh would be in my absolute top 10 in any case. 

Engagement in Edinburgh

This town has everything you would need for romantic engagement. A medieval castle with rich history hidden behind every stone. Spectacular old town with beautiful gardens and phenomenal people in it. There is even an extinct volcano in the middle of it. And obviously The Queen has its summer house in here. So what seems to be the problem? Well, the weather tends to be a little bit unpredictable.

Edinburgh Calton Hill Secret Proposal

On this particular occasion I was approached by groom’s sister. Otto with his girlfriend Sintija came to Glasgow for a short city break. Allegedly . Otto was planning to propose during the trip and as the perfect spot he chose the iconic Edinburgh Calton Hill. It meant to be a quick visit to beautiful Scottish capitol.  None of the parties – the future fiancé & fiancée were notified of my role in the whole affair. For obvious reason Sintija wasn’t aware of anything at all. It was magical. I loved it and so did they. She said yes. As soon as I put my camera away to say cheerio the sky went open. Typical. 

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  1. Joel


    My girlfriend and I are planning to visit Edinburgh weekend of 12th February and I am planning to propose. Currently I think I want propose on Calton Hill on Saturday 12th February.

    Firstly, do you have availability on, secondly how much would you charge to be there to take some photos please?

    Thank you


  2. Tom

    thx for your enquiry. I’ve email you .

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