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Wedding at the iconic Scottish capitol

With its landmark castle, historic architecture and quaint winding streets, there are few cities in the world that can rival Edinburgh for charm and beauty. From the picturesque old town to the buzzing nightlife, the city has so much to offer its residents and visitors.

And for wedding parties, it boasts a wide range of fantastic and varied venues. Perfect location for a documentary wedding photographer like myself.  From enchanting, historic buildings to modern, urban settings, there is something for every taste. Nothing beats the opportunity to tie the knot in the heart of Scotland’s beautiful capital. 

Documentary Wedding Photographer Edinburgh

One of the many things I love about Edinburgh is the wealth of beautiful picture-perfect spots. I have spent many years working as a documentary wedding photographer in Edinburgh and am well acquainted with the many wedding venues around the city, as well as the best spots to pick for those great photo opportunities. 

As a documentary wedding photographer, my focus is on capturing the couple’s day as it unfolds in as natural a way as possible. Rather than dictating or arranging over posed shots, I blend into the background to document the emotions, the laughter and the joy of the day in their truest form. 

Using my knowledge of the area and my technical expertise I can pick out the best angles and lighting to produce high quality photos of the couple’s special day.  

Edinburgh City Chambers wedding photographer

One wedding venue that I have found myself returning to several times as a documentary wedding photographer is the Edinburgh City Chambers. This large and impressive building sits right in the heart of the city on the Royal Mile, making it a fantastic location for celebrating a life-changing and momentous occasion. 

The architecture of the City Chambers is full of historic charm, not least in the main staircase which spirals round and round between several floors both above and below ground. Be sure to avoid the central banister if you don’t have a head for heights! 

From the ornate wooden features and antique fireplaces to the stained glass windows and delicate wallpaper, this venue has a formal, regal presence that will give a sense of status to your big day. 

Perfect for small ceremonies and elopements

There are a range of function rooms available for all sizes parties, with the Council Chamber seating up to 120 for a wedding breakfast. However, the Edinburgh City Chambers are also well suited as a wedding venue for small, intimate ceremonies or elopements. Elopements are growing in popularity as a way to escape the stress of planning a large event.

With Scotland’s long history linked to elopements at Gretna Green, couples from all over the UK still travel to say their vows here. For an Edinburgh City Chambers wedding photographer, the location could not be more perfect.

 The venue boasts some impressive views of the surrounding area and is ideally situated for taking your bridal photos around Edinburgh’s charming old town, capturing your intimate day in this historic location.

Best locations for wedding photos around Edinburgh

When it comes to your couple shots, Edinburgh is a backdrop that will make them truly distinctive. Where you choose to take your wedding photos is very dependent on personal taste and the style you are going for. I always discuss this at length with each couple and suggest a range of options that would fit with their wedding plans. Some locations are better suited to summer and others to the winter months, so it is important to consider all the elements when picking the perfect setting.

If you are getting married in the centre of the city, here are some of the best locations for wedding photos around Edinburgh:

The Royal Mile 

The Royal Mile runs between Edinburgh’s majestic castle and the superb Palace of Holyroodhouse. The street is as noteworthy as its name suggests, with towering tenements on either side and a patchwork of cobbled streets and narrow stairways criss-crossing along it, creating an iconic snapshot of Edinburgh’s past and present. At night when it is lit up, the street comes alive in a new way, adding a different sense of romance and tranquillity to your photos.

 Princess st Gardens  . 

If you are looking for leafy greens within the city limits, the Princess Street Gardens occupy a superb location between old and new Edinburgh. Introduced in 1820, these beautifully designed gardens boast colourful plant displays and varied winding paths. The gardens are interspersed with monuments and intricate foundations, giving it a variety of textures and backdrops to vary your photographs, as well as a great view of the castle. 

Calton Hill, Hollyrood Park

Famous for its impressive monuments and panoramic views of the city, Carlton Hill will not fail to leave an impression on your wedding album. Situated in Hollyrood Park, it is a short taxi ride away from the Edinburgh City Chambers, but is still one of my top recommendations for wedding photography. And it is ideal for golden hour shots overlooking the capital.

 Stockbridge & Circus Lane.

If you prefer quaint and sweet to grand and imposing, Circus Lane is a romantic and whimsical location for your bridal shoot. Also a short taxi ride away from the City Chambers, Circus Lane is an adorable cobbled street lined with cottages decorated in window boxes and climbers. 

Looking for a documentary wedding photographer in Edinburgh?

If you are planning a wedding at the Edinburgh City Chambers, or elsewhere in the city centre, I’d be happy to help you pick out some great options for wedding photography around the city. It is always a pleasure to document a couple’s special day in our charming capital, where no two weddings are ever alike.

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