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Wedding Photography Style

There’s a million photographers out there and each and every one of us is looking to find his own space. It is extremely hard to tag yourself strictly into any of the photographic genres. If I have to I would describe myself as alternative wedding photographer. Simply because I’m implementing variety of different techniques to achieve the final look.  For me the most important part is the couple and their story. I will do everything humanly possible to tell it to the best of my abilities. Each wedding writes different tale. Therefore I treat it as such.

It’s hardly a movie set when you can have hundreds of do overs. If it’s missed, it’s gone forever. As alternative wedding photographer I always try to work unobtrusively, keep in the the background as much as it’s possible. Document but remain aside, to blend in. Making a creative decisions is my constant state of mind. I move a lot…I’m searching…I’m looking for those moments, the rare ones and those obvious too. I want to catch as many of those as I possibly can. That is why I love to shoot weddings so much.        

Alternative Wedding Photographer

I have featured fair amount of my favourite images here. They have been taken mostly in Scotland. Those are coming from different size weddings and ceremonies. Some from intimate elopements when just a couple, myself and a minister were present. Some from full day 13 hour shooting with 150 guest. I’m proud of them all. Scroll through and if you like what you see maybe we can create something together.


Wedding Photography Prices Guide

Intimate elopements and ceremony only packages starts at £190

Full day coverage (from getting ready to the first few dances) starts at £640


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