Edinburgh photographer

My name is Tom.

As easy as it sounds it is not easy to write about yourself.  Being Edinburgh photographer comes with both rewards and changeless.  Therefore I have decided to start with few things that I like in general and a some stuff that I’m not so fond of. 

edinburgh photographer


Being a dad is my absolutely favorite thing in the whole world. I have two boys. Love spending time with them and looking how they learn the world around them. I’m not looking forward to dealing with them as they become teenagers.

edinburgh photographer

Out & About

I’m huge supporter of an active lifestyle. Love off-road running and doing so on regular basis. Not for competing though. Hanging medals on a wall isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Exploring Scottish scenery very much is. Although I’m not crazy about the tea itself.

Coffe & Tomatoes

I like tomatoes, but hate tomato soup. I eat tomatoes in any shape or form with no limits. The soup is an exception. Don’t know why we but do not get along at all. I’m also huge coffee enthusiast.

Why photographer?

I don’t think have a good answer for that. I was around photography for as long as can remember. My friend’s older brother had a darkroom in the basement. We spent loads of hours there hanging around and annoying him mostly. It was so cool for a nine year old to watch all those images appearing out of nowhere. It was kind of mysterious and magical at the same time. All that chemicals mixed together to create a picture. With time it became definite to me that I’m getting more and more interested on what is actually on the images itself.

We live in the times that everyone is a photographer. Digital era and it’s technology makes snapping pics so easy. Each of us have a camera in their smartphone. According to a Cambridge dictionary photographer is a person who takes photographs, either as a job or hobby. I do both – make a living out of it and enjoying it at the same time. How lucky am I?

Some point in time I’ve made the decision to do a proper photography degree. I learned all the rules and all the commandments just to discover later on that these are just guidelines. But I had to new about them in order to break them for creative purpose.

The passion for telling stories enormously  impacting my workflow. I profoundly enjoy telling those, although there are no words involved. It’s a unique form of observation and an ability for capturing that that rare moment of fleeting reality. As Edinburgh photographer it is equally rewarding for me to shoot wedding, family session or an event. All of them can be told in a beautiful and unique way.

Let the next story in my book will be your story